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Les Corts is a neighbourhood on the west side of Barcelona and, at 7 km in length, it is the third smallest district in the city, covering approximately 600 hectares. It used to be part of the Sarrià district and did not become a separate district until 1836. It’s divided into five parts: Camp de la Creu, Camp Vell, Can Batllori, Can Sol de Baix and Centre.

It is home to one of the city’s most important and most visited tourist sights: Camp Nou. This stadium, with its seating capacity for 99,354 fans, is the home turf of Fútbol Club Barcelona and one of Europe’s largest football grounds.

Les Corts is a pleasant neighbourhood to walk around because, as well as Camp Nou, the area includes the Zona Universitaria, the Can Roses Library and the Casa de la Maternitat, a former hospital that now houses the Historical Archives of Barcelona Provincial Council. The grounds include some rich and varied gardens. In fact, according to the journalist Gabriel Pernau, who published a guidebook to the Les Corts, the gardens of La Maternitat are home to more than 40 species of plants, including the Judas Tree, red plum trees and eucalyptus, making it a little paradise for nature lovers.

The large gardens surrounding the Casa de la Maternitat are the perfect place for enjoying a pleasant stroll, and the complex includes buildings of cultural and historical significance to Catalonia. This former hospital now also houses the offices of the Social Services department. The Historical Archives building was once the main laundry of the children’s hospital.

To reach this area, the simplest way is to go by car and park in one of our public car parks in Les Corts, such as the one at number 139 Avenida de Josep Tarradellas.

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