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Ciutat Vella is Barcelona’s first district as, before the city expanded, its limits were contained within this ‘old city’ or Ciutat Vella. One by one, all the other districts (Les Corts, Sarrià, Vallvidrera, Sant Gervasi, etc.) were annexed to this original one to create what we now think of as Barcelona.

The district is subdivided into four neighbourhoods. The one that is closest to the sea is La Barceloneta, which includes part of the city’s coastline, with its beaches and marina. If you head north from La Barceloneta, you’ll find the neighbourhood of Sant Pere, separated from the Barri Gòtic by Via Laietana. Finally, La Rambla is the street that separates the Barri Gòtic from El Raval and is considered the central axis of the area.

Ciutat Vella is the historical city centre, from which the city grew. Until the 12th century, medieval Barcelona was enclosed and protected by a Roman wall which, as the city expanded, eventually became redundant.

This area is home to the majority of the city’s sights and places of cultural and historical interest. Some of the places that should not be missed on your visit are the Liceu Theatre, Barcelona Cathedral, the Port and even the zoo, located behind Ciutadella Park.

The district is one of the most multifaceted parts of Barcelona, as it not only offers a wide range of bars and nightclubs but also includes Barcelona’s beach area and the historic city centre.

To get around the area easily, you can park your vehicle in one of our Saba car parks. We can offer you a whole network of public car parks in Ciutat Vella close to the main tourist sights: for example, our car park in the very centrally located Plaza Catalunya.

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