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Plaza Mayor is one of the most important squares in Madrid because it’s right in the city centre and a short distance from Puerta del Sol, considered the very heart of the city.

It dates back to the 16th century, to a time when the main roads of Madrid, Toledo and Atocha joined up here, where the town’s market was located.

In 1580, King Philip II commissioned the redevelopment of the square. The architect, Juan de Herrera, decided to demolish the buildings known as the “casas de manzanas”. The first building to be completed on the square, in 1590, was a bakery, the Casa de la Panadería, commissioned by Diego Sillero who then plied his trade in it. In 1848, Giambologna and Pietro Tacca created the equestrian statue of Philip III that dominates the square.

But that was not the end of the refurbishments of Plaza Mayor, because it has since had three serious fires that necessitated restoration work.

The name of the square has also changed. It was originally called Plaza del Arrabal, but is now known to all Madrileños as Plaza Mayor. It still houses the city’s main market and every trade is represented here. It is a place that anyone visiting Spain’s capital city simply must not miss.

And very close to the square is one of our Saba car parks, on Plaza de los Mostenses, where you can park your car at an affordable rate at any time of the day or night.

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Madrid is one of Spain’s best connected cities. From here, you can travel to almost anywhere in the country very easily. You’ll find our parking facilities next to the main thoroughfares and key locations in Madrid. You can leave your car in any of them for as long as you need to, and then set off in the direction you want, without having to worry about a thing.

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The Puerta del Sol, Plaza Mayor and Puerta de Alcalá are just some of the sights that can’t be missed on a visit to Madrid. But if you’re going by car, you may find it difficult to park it anywhere near the main sights. Remember that our parking facilities are there for you, situated at all the key points of the city.